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CSBG Funding Availability


​Services are available, depending on funding, through the CSBG/LIHEAP offices in the outlining counties. Customers must apply in the county of their residence. Please contact your local CSBG/LIHEAP office to inquire about funding availability. (Click here for CSBG/LIHEAP office locations.)

If you are interested in seeking assistance, then please note:
  • Eligibility and benefits for these programs are primarily determined by the gross household income (total income of the household before deductions), number of household members, and the emergency or need of the situation.
  • Documentation needed for the application includes but is not limited to:
    • Current Driver's License or state-issued identification card of applicant (address on ID must match current residence)
    • Legible social security cards for all household members
    • Proof of gross household income for the past 30 days (from date of application)
    • Proof of need or emergency, which may include your most recent utility bill, a disconnect notice (if received one), an eviction notice, or any other form of documentation that shows the need for assistance
    • Receipt for any unallowable amounts that cannot be paid by the agency
  • Any further information needed will be communicated to applicant at the time appointment is given. Program guidelines are subject to change.
  • You can also submit an online application by clicking here or downloading the LITT lite app in the Google Play App Store or Apple App Store. For the Universal Waiver Signature Form, you can click here.
For additional information, you may contact the local CSBG/LIHEAP office in your county:




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